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Fresh: A New Approach to Profits and Perishables

Fresh: A New Approach to Profits and Perishables

“Fresh” is a critical factor in success for today’s grocers, yet the same fresh principles apply to any industry that sells perishable items, including convenience stores, mass merchandisers and drugstores.

Based on a series of interviews with key industry executives, Manhattan Associates determined that the core capabilities for delivering fresh shared by most successful retailers are:

  1. A fresh mindset – having the right leadership and attitude across the organization
  2. Innovative product segmentation
  3. Clear visibility
  4. Dynamic order allocation
  5. Lean distribution

To respond to fresh demands from consumers and provide traceability to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act, successful food retailers are investing in ways to extend shelf life while delivering exceptional service. Forward-thinking retailers are beginning to see how a fresh flow distribution model is becoming the preferred avenue to success.

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