Future Stores - Seattle 2018

Seattle, Washington, June 18, 2018

Future Stores - Seattle 2018

As consumers' expectations of a seamless and personalized shopping experience continue to increase, how are you revolutionizing your in-store offering to meet and exceed their needs?

Future Stores brings together in-store experience leaders from progressive retailers to discuss and explore the ways in which you can unlock the full potential of your stores. 

Get inspired at our panel session on Tuesday, June 19, moderated by Senior Director of Product Management, Kevin Swanwick:

Capitalizing On OmniChannel Customer Engagement

Customers don’t see channels. They don’t care about channels. They see experiences and they care about those experiences. As omnichannel initiatives become the norm for retailers that operate physical stores, and more eCommerce companies open stores, how are merchants adapting to deliver a consistent and positive shopping experience that crosses channels to deliver on the customer promise of omnichannel.

Susan Sanderson, SVP, Brand & Customer Experience, Vitamin Shoppe

Elizabeth Geri, SVP, Marketing & eCommerce, Sur La Table

Matt Marcotte, Founder, M2 Collaborative

Meet with Manhattan Associates to discuss how Manhattan Active™ Omni solutions can support your growth by:
  • Capturing the complete picture with Customer Engagement
  • Maximizing each touchpoint with Clienteling
  • Leveraging Store Fulfillment from a single, responsive interface
  • Improving sales and reducing out-of-stock risks with Store Inventory accuracy
  • Accessing all of this within a single application within an integrated cloud-native Point of Sale 

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers