Key Trends in Automation that will Change the DC Forever

Key Trends in Automation that will Change the DC Forever

Listen as Adam Kline, Director of Product Management for our I-Series Warehouse Management Solution at Manhattan Associates discusses emerging trends to compete in this new customer-driven world, including best practices and new operating procedures in fulfillment. He'll also cover the differences and opportunities of Warehouse Management (WMS), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) and Warehouse Execution Systems (WES). 


  • Agenda 13s

1. The Right Solution for the Job: WMS vs. WCS vs. WES

  • 3 trends in DC automation 43s
    • Warehouse Management (WMS)
    • Warehouse Control System (WCS)
    • Warehouse Execution System (WES)

2. Order Fulfillment Strategies in E-Commerce DCs

  • Wave processing vs. Order streaming 8m 54s
  • Traditional order fulfillment via wave-driven batches 15m 40s
  • Effects of order streaming in the distribution center 18m 45s

3. Advantages and Drawbacks 

  • Wave-based fulfillment  20m 3s
  • "Waveless" -based fulfillment 22m 18s
  • Order streaming based fulfillment 27m 58s


Choosing the right approach to automate a distribution center can be a challenge. In most scenarios, using a warehouse management system to drive decisions and order fulfillment planning along with a warehouse control system to manage automation are key in creating a highly automated fulfillment environment. 

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