In an era of high customer demands and slim margins, better inventory management in grocery and food service is essential. Manhattan Associates is uniquely positioned to help grocery retailers and food service distributors optimize their inventory, master omnichannel, minimize spoilage and enhance inventory productivity to meet consumer demand.

Our proven inventory optimization technology solves a range of grocery and food service issues
  • Shelf life management: We apply machine learning to ensure the supply plan is constantly optimizing to account for shelf life limitations of perishable items.
  • Expiry control: Leveraging deep insights into product spoilage dates, Manhattan ensures waste doesn’t derail your ability to service customers with consistently fresh, high-quality food products.
  • Omni Inventory Optimization (OIO) for grocery: These unique approaches to optimizing retail inventory apply to grocers that have openly embraced the growing complexity of online grocery fulfillment options.
  • Promotional planning: The power of machine learning ensures grocers can clearly understand which promotions have the greatest impact on consumer sales.
  • Mobile: A modern mobile solution keeps store personnel in tune with the enterprise’s inventory strategy while also giving them the ability to share local insights directly with the corporate buying team.

With Manhattan innovations, a higher level of inventory optimization is in store to help you win customers, drive sales, minimize waste and improve margins.

Learn more about how Manhattan helps grocers and food distributors optimize inventory and master omnichannel to meet consumer demand.

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