Top Five Manhattan Insights of 2015 -- So Far

By Manhattan Staff,
Top Five Manhattan Insights of 2015 -- So Far

You voted with your clicks and taps for the articles you liked the most. Here are the best Manhattan Insight articles from the first half of 2015.

1. Manhattan Associates proud to be a leader in 2014 Gartner ‘Magic Quadrant’ for Warehouse Management Systems

This piece dates back to late 2014, but it was still a favorite among readers in 2015. In Gartner’s 2014 ‘Magic Quadrant’ for Warehouse Management Systems, Manhattan Associates was highlighted as a leader in both “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute” on that vision. In total, Gartner evaluated 18 WMS offerings in its ‘Magic Quadrant’ research, and Manhattan Associates is positioned the furthest in both axes of measurement. According to Gartner analyst Dwight Klappich, Manhattan is one of a small number of WMS vendors that has achieved True Supply Chain Execution convergence and enhanced user experience.

2. Exploring 21st Century Distribution Management By: Peter Schnorbach, May 11, 2015

The modern warehouse is a far cry from warehouses of past generations. By adopting technology in the warehouse, companies are eliminating traditional engagement and communication techniques and facilitating informational flow with minimal work. One example of technology in the warehouse is the use of big screen TVs, which are proving to be a great way to facilitate informational flow with minimal work. Other technology, such as mobile devices, promotes productivity in the warehouse, helping managers to engage with their staff on the floor. Lastly, companies can introduce gamification techniques to help incentivize employees and promote greater productivity through friendly competition and recognition.

3. Getting ROI from Replenishment By: Eric Lamphier, June 16, 2015

The new trend of consumers being able to buy anywhere, ship anywhere has resulted in an increasing demand to fulfill orders faster and more efficiently. To achieve this, companies have tightened their picking processes, but they must also have efficient replenishment functions in place – an area which often gets less attention than picking but is a critical target for today’s distribution management executives. Using proper replenishment solutions, companies can best position their warehouse operations to rapidly fulfill orders across all demand channels and meet customer needs. Details about how the evolving industry has impacted overall best practices in replenishment can be found in Josh Bond’s Modern Materials Handling article.

4. Manhattan's WMOS 2015 Becomes Even More E-Commerce Aware By: Eric Lamphier, June 24, 2015

With new enhancements, such as streamlined processing for single orders, guaranteed on-time parcel shipping and handling equipment/warehouse control system integration capabilities, Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management for Open Systems (WMOS) 2015 helps our diverse customer base effectively manage all of the warehouses in its supply chain networks. According to a 2015 Manhattan Associates’ study, mobility is a key factor in increasing direct engagement between warehouse supervisors and employees. With this in mind, WMOS 2015 also includes Manhattan’s Mobile Distribution Management. This is the market’s only application that provides distribution managers with unmatched insight into labor, activities, waves and tasks.

5. The Economic Benefits of Inventory Optimization
 By: Scott Fenwick, July 1, 2015

As a retailer’s inventory represents its largest liquid asset and serves as a vital investment, it’s important for retail and wholesale CFOs to be aware of the volume of inventory on hand. Utilizing an inventory optimization system can help companies effectively manage inventory in a complex retail environment. A sophisticated inventory optimization system can help:

Ensure that “must have” items are always in stock and that this objective is achieved in the most profitable way. Analyze inventory and determine the most profitable order cycle. Improve forecast accuracy by providing a better seasonal profile and assigning the right seasonal profile to store-item SKUs.

These are the best articles we’ve seen in the first half of 2015. Be sure to check back for more “best of” pieces in 2016!

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