Staff Picks: Biggest Retail Store Trends for 2016

By Manhattan Staff,
Retail store trends 2016

Want to learn more about what's behind this year's biggest store trends? Here is our staff's picks for the top trends facing retailers in 2016.

Smart mPOS and the Untethered Associate
By Kevin Swanwick

We recently hosted a webinar on the topic of mobile point of sale (mPOS), its importance in the store environment and ways to deploy it in order to empower store associates. We all know that consumer expectations for the store experience are rapidly changing, and store associates are vital to this change. For most retailers, this means an uphill battle to change the current perception of a “useless associate.”

The Power of Store Clustering
By Gene Bornac

In the past 50 years, retailers have mastered the concept of grouping their stores to maximize profits and optimize inventory. Grouping stores allows retailers to localize their presence with customers, offering the most appealing products to the shoppers most likely to frequent those particular stores. That’s why you can visit the same retailer yet find different selections of products depending on region.

How Omnichannel is Outsmarting Mother Nature
By Scott Fenwick

Logic would dictate that this extreme winter weather would be disastrous for retailers nationwide, grinding their supply chains to a halt and preventing orders from getting to customers. But indicators are that retail revenues aren’t falling along with the snow.

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