“Taste of Manhattan” Brings Food, Fashion, Fun

By Nikki Roberson,
Diversity in the workplace

In this day and age, the importance of developing a diverse employee base is well understood.

Diversity in the workplace makes companies richer in many ways. It helps bring new perspectives to the table, fosters the sharing of different ideas and promotes a more respectful and accepting work environment. In today’s increasingly global marketplace, a diverse workforce also has the potential to help companies expand and improve their offerings for consumers across regions.

Here at Manhattan Associates, we’re proud of our employees and the many backgrounds and viewpoints they represent. With more than 3,060 employees in offices around the world and 1,200+ global customers, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to work across countries and cultures on a daily basis.

From a professional standpoint, this cross-cultural exchange helps us deliver the best products and services possible as we constantly learn from each other. From a personal standpoint, this type of exchange enriches our employee’s knowledge of different cultures and delivers a more interesting and unique workplace experience. 

At our Atlanta headquarters, we’re fortunate to work with folks from many corners of the globe. Earlier this month, the Atlanta-based crew gathered to celebrate the mix of cultures across our offices with “Taste of Manhattan,” a day of live entertainment, traditional dress and, perhaps most importantly, lots of delicious food!

The event was a great opportunity to mingle, learn more about the cultures of our colleagues and celebrate the diversity that helps make the Manhattan community so successful.

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