November 2016 Logistics Market Snapshot

By Ben Harris,
November 2016 Logistics Market Snapshot

The November edition of the Logistics Market Snapshot, collated by the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, is now available online. Looking at more than 300 sources of information from external resources including NASDAQ, the US Department of Transportation and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Market Snapshot provides insight into rail, trucking, air and ocean freight, warehouse and distribution, multimodal and US markets trends. 

Below are a few interesting highlights from the November edition:

  • The Consumer Confidence Index decreased to 98.6 in October 2016, down 4.7% from September. Consumers’ assessment of current business and employment conditions softened, while optimism regarding the short-term outlook retreated somewhat. However, the consumers’ expectations regarding their income prospects in the coming months were relatively unchanged. Overall, sentiment is that the economy will continue to expand in the near-term, but at a moderate pace. (Source: The Conference Board)
  • E-commerce revenue was up 10% in October compared to October 2015. Mobile shopping accounted for 33% of online shopping, up from 28% in October 2015. (Source: Custora E-Commerce Pulse, US Census)
  • The unemployment rate in America decreased to 4.9% in October 2016.  (Source: US DOL)

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