Manhattan’s eLearning Program Recognized by Brandon Hall Group

By Stephanie Crowe,
Manhattan’s eLearning Program Recognized by Brandon Hall Group

The Manhattan Associates training team has done it again – the newly released Inventory Operations eLearning course has won the Bronze Brandon Hall Award for Best Custom Content.

Inventory optimization is a critical differentiator for success in supply chain commerce today. Done well, brands can grow their business while simultaneously trimming operating expenses—for example, doubling their number of stores on the same level of carried inventory. When managed poorly, on the other hand, inventory can wreak havoc on margins. To remain profitable, it’s vital that retailers strike the right balance between customer satisfaction and an appropriate level of inventory.

Manhattan’s “Inventory Operations” eLearning course, the newest segment in the Supply Chain Commerce Domain Series, teaches just that. Produced in partnership with eLearning industry leader Allen Interactions, the highly interactive, challenge-based curriculum presents learners with key decisions for planning and optimizing inventory, enabling them to see how their decisions affected other areas of the supply chain. Participants were able to:

  • Evaluate the relationship between planning and demand forecasting.
  • Predict sales figures using demand forecasting.
  • Overcome demand spikes and out-of-stock issues.

Many participants were surprised to realize just how great an opportunity inventory poses for supply chain success and customer satisfaction.

Manhattan has been offering these engaging, challenge-based courses since 2012. A few years ago, this high-quality learning experience became available to customers. The Brandon Hall recognition is just the latest in a series of awards highlighting the company’s focus on eLearning—the organization also honored Manhattan in 2014. Additional recent awards include:

  • Communicator Awards (2014 & 2015)
  • Horizon Awards (2104 & 2015)
  • Omni Awards (2014)

Supply chain commerce is a multi-faceted landscape, and it’s important that stakeholders operating in one area are aware of how their actions affect other functions upstream and downstream in the network. Manhattan’s eLearning initiative is a resource for associates and customers alike to ensure that any supply chain challenge can easily be overcome—in a fun and engaging way. 

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