Our Ten Most Popular Articles from 2016

By Manhattan Staff,
Our Ten Most Popular Articles from 2016

Two trends emerged from the list of Manhattan Associates’ ten most-read articles of 2016. 

First, the theme of supply chain excellence in an omnichannel world remains top of mind for our readers; articles about the challenges facing modern distribution centers, our continued leadership in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS and logistics for traditional and online grocers all found their way into the top five. 

The second theme concerns retail stores and how to improve inventory using better math and science and even bridge online behaviors with in-store traffic to create seamless customer experiences. Let's not forget how store associates continue to compete with shoppers' smartphones with access to real-time website data and reviews. 

No. 10: Store Associate GO: Augmented Reality Optional
The ability to interweave selling, inventory and fulfillment tasks—combined with the flexibility to stop and resume any activity to serve the in-store customer—creates a store environment that naturally extends the infrastructural flexibility available in the digital channel.

No. 9: Are Retailers Ready to Take the $3.5 Trillion Bull by the Horns?

As omni channel continues to grow in prominence, today’s brands are confronted with the challenge of fulfilling numerous, generally small e-commerce orders at a speed that meets consumer demands. The next generation of DC operations, inventory management systems, ordering and store-based fulfillment solutions will do so much more.

No. 8: How Store Associates Can Compete with Mobile-Enabled Shoppers

There’s no question that mobile and digital channels have upped the ante for bricks-and-mortar retailers, but technology exists to help them thrive in the new world of retail.

No. 7: What Brings E-commerce Shoppers In-Store?

To succeed, leading retailers have found that selling online and in store are better together. They're turning to enterprise order management and store inventory management systems (integrated seamlessly with point of sale and store fulfillment applications) to make it happen.

No. 6: Is it Time to Operationalize Ship From Store?

Our analysis of pilot-level trial and error has revealed four methods for operationalizing scalable, labor-efficient and associate-friendly ship-from-store processes. 

No. 5: The Formula for Inventory Strategy Produced by Math and Science

Forward-thinking retailers are taking the guess work out of inventory optimization and benefiting from analytics that can identify what customers want and when they will want it.

No. 4: TMS Delivers the Goods: Improving Grocery Supply Chains

Unlike traditional modeling tools, our probabilistic TMS modeling accounts for variability, which can provide more accurate results than simply using averages.

No. 3: Conquering E-grocery Logistics Challenges Delivers Customer Convenience

In a high-stakes environment where temperatures and technology must work together, e-commerce grocers are discovering the limitations of homegrown fulfillment and warehouse solutions and the impact on growth and service. 

No. 2: Four Challenges Redefining Success of the Modern Distribution Center

Does this sound familiar? You solve one DC fulfillment challenge and two more appear the next week. You stabilize labor and the next month there’s a shortage. Combine these with competing in the digital economy where same-day shipping has become the norm and it seems distributions centers are being asked to innovate as quickly as the orders come in. 

And the number one most read article of 2016…

Manhattan Once Again Named a Leader in Gartner WMS Report 

Our readers love a free Gartner report. Manhattan Associates is proud to be named a leader for 8 consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems and to be positioned highest in Ability to Execute as well as furthest in Completeness of Vision. 

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