The Case for Modern Mobile Applications for Warehouse Managers

By Manhattan Staff,
DM Mobile from Manhattan Associates

A recent survey of IT and operations professionals in the logistics, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and wholesale markets revealed the three most critical picking and fulfillment issues:

  • labor productivity,
  • order turnaround time, and
  • order accuracy.

In the world of omnichannel commerce, improving these areas starts with quick, real-time access to information—not only for sharing, verifying, and altering order fulfillment tasks, and other time-sensitive data—but also for driving engagement and productivity among warehouse associates.

To meet the needs of today, data should be delivered to associates and managers alike in a mobile format across warehouse management, inventory, and slotting functions.

The Power of Modern Mobility with DM Mobile

DM Mobile from Manhattan Associates overcomes labor productivity, order turnaround time and order accuracy challenges by providing managers and associates applications—via tablets and handheld devices—that provide information and capabilities essential for taking immediate action.

Distribution managers can finally break away from the desk since DM Mobile gives them all the information they need to interact and affect change among employees and tasks in real time on the warehouse floor.

DM Mobile offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that are seamlessly interconnected with the Manhattan Active Distribution suite:

  • Labor Management. DM Mobile equips supervisors with vital performance information necessary for real-time interaction with employees on the warehouse floor. The solution helps improve employee engagement by providing a system for identifying and rewarding strong performers while coaching employees who are not meeting their goals.
  • Work Monitoring. Through an easy-to-use, consumer-oriented user interface, DM Mobile offers a work monitoring framework with multiple hierarchies for task management in all warehouse environments.
  • Inventory Management. DM Mobile has a powerful capability to manage or interact with inventory directly from the warehouse floor. Warehouse managers can view or manage inventory using intuitive inventory searches by location, item or LPN. Inventory management provides warehouse managers real-time inventory data while moving throughout their facility and encountering current or potential inventory issues. Managers can make immediate inventory updates and even view slot score and re-slot locations.
  • Order Streaming. DM Mobile supports order streaming, which dynamically adjusts picking priorities on-the-fly, and help keep labor resources and sortation equipment moving at a more regular pace, while reducing the amount of downtime for labor and sortation processes.

Features and Functions of DM Mobile

  • Facilitate more supervisor time spent on the floor with real-time data on employee productivity and performance
  • Systematically record active interactions with employees, including observations, and performance measurements
  • Review work in the warehouse by wave, job function and task or activity
  • Put a task on hold, reprioritize a task, assign a task to an employee or release a set of tasks to be completed
  • Monitor, plan and forecast work in real time
  • Track the status for a particular customer, including order lookups, and wave progress

Choose DM Mobile from Manhattan Associates

DM Mobile provides a single, seamless mobile application, which allows warehouse managers to move throughout their facility and engage with floor personnel while having real-time information visibility.

This industry- leading solution offers robust functionality and tight interconnectivity with Manhattan Active Distribution suite solutions, enabling distribution managers to manage labor, inventory, and work in real time, even in the most complex facilities.

Because it’s anchored by our industry-leading warehouse management solutions, DM Mobile helps increase product velocity, customer service, and efficiency across your distribution operations.

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