Good Business Never Goes Out of Style

By Chris Shaw,
Good Business Never Goes Out of Style

Seventy-five years ago, my grandfather would have walked into the hardware store in Knightdale, North Carolina and the clerk behind the desk would have known him by name. He would have known about his wife, his kids, what kind of cars he had and which brand of tractor he preferred. He would have stocked the store with Craftsman or Snap-on tools because he knew Hugh Shaw was a mechanic who worked on earth movers for a living and didn't trust anything else. And my grandfather knew that when he had an issue with a tool he had purchased, he could bring it back and get it resolved quickly and painlessly. Today, that level of service might be described as hyper-personalization, but for my grandfather it was just 'good business'.

With the explosion of big box retailers, malls and strip malls and eventually, online commerce, we lost touch with the people who knew us, who made shopping personal. As a result, the primary focus of the industry became a battle to lower price points and provide discounted shipping as differentiators. But with the emergence of the smartphone, and the rise of digitally influenced shopping, the opportunity for personalization is back, for those that have invested in omnichannel commerce solutions across the entire buying journey.

The race to get back to the customer has become paramount in a world where stores are becoming warehouses, manufacturers are becoming retailers and delivery must be fast and free. As stores are added to the fulfillment network in order to respond to threats from online giants, the complexity for retailers to deliver personalized experiences to their customers becomes even more complex.

The ability to personalize buying experiences today requires that we have the ability to not only collect data about our customers and their orders together, in the same view, but that we have the ability to take action on that information immediately to make their experience better. Customer-facing teams need the tools to proactively resolve issues for customers before they become problems. Sales associates need to understand the tendencies and preferences of their customers, so they can anticipate their needs and desires and create lasting brand loyalty and trust.

With the release of Manhattan Active Omni™ in 2017, Manhattan ushered in a new class of solution built specifically for the demand of today's omnichannel retailer. Order and customer insight together created the foundation for the most technologically advanced ordering, optimization, and engagement platform ever built for the retail industry. And with the recent release of Manhattan Active Omni™ we are pleased to announce the introduction of Customer Engagement, the first solution to deliver actionable insight to customer service associates by combining customer and transaction data together. Manhattan Customer Engagement consolidates social listening, case management, customer profile, with real-time transaction details to provide actionable insight to every customer service associate.

What's old is new again, and for retailers it is time to get back to doing 'good business'.

Learn more about Manhattan Active Omni™ and Customer Engagement and why putting customer and order together is critical for omnichannel retail.

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