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Recent trends in consumer habits and expectations — expedited by the coronavirus pandemic — requires retailers to accommodate customers via capable technology.
The right technology infrastructure will give retailers the defenses to face-off against Amazon’s disruption heading their way.
The current state of retail suggests that omnichannel solutions need to adapt to their consumer's needs in order to not only survive but thrive.
Walmart’s rollout of a new cloud-native point of sale validates Manhattan Active Omni’s innovative, microservices-based approach.
Break down supply chain silos and unify business processes to be synchronized and optimized across traditional functional domains.
Gartner’s Bart De Muynck talks with Haworth and PetSmart on how they are taking their supply chain to the transportation network visibility.
A game-changing approach to previously siloed areas of supply chain execution, underlines Manhattan commitment to supply chain unification.
Trends at Manhattan Associates’ Momentum conference
Manhattan Associates’ annual supply chain and omnichannel customer event reveals cloud-native milestone to provide end-to-end omnichannel capabilities
What is a well thought out approach to gamification in employee engagement? Autonomy. Relatedness. Flow.

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