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Manhattan SCALE™ Enables LeSaint Logistics to Compete with Large Providers

-- Manhattan SCALE has helped reduce distribution turnaround and labor costs --

ATLANTA, February 26, 2013

LeSaint Logistics is a Top 100 third party logistics provider with 18 facilities from southern California to northeastern Pennsylvania, providing 2.3 million square feet of space to chemical, retail, beverage, pharmaceutical, and industrial customers. Following a recent acquisition of Chemical Logistics, Inc., LeSaint Logistics upgraded its Manhattan SCALE™ product suite from Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) to strengthen its 3PL activities and further reduce operating costs.

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A longtime Manhattan SCALE customer, LeSaint Logistics’ distribution network has seen benefits including reduction in distribution turnaround time by 25 percent, an increase in labor savings by 9.5 percent and reduction in unit and pallet labeling expenses by $150,000 for several of its larger customers. Headquartered in Romeoville, IL, LeSaint Logistics is growing in double digits annually, adding up to an average of 200,000 square feet of space each year.

“Our reliance on Manhattan has transformed us from where we were before. We needed a solution that was easy to implement, easy to configure, and quick to launch into the marketplace,” Dino Moler, executive vice president, client solutions for LeSaint Logistics, said. “The strength of the platform enables us to compete with the larger providers and still give our customers the ‘big fish in the small pond’ touch.”

LeSaint Logistics’ list of 240 customers includes a large number of specific requirements for each company’s inbound protocol, quality control, retail compliance and everything in between, according to Moler. “Being able to highlight Manhattan SCALE as part of our infrastructure has become an effective sales tool. We’ve been able to routinely compete for business with companies that are seven to eight times larger,” said Moler.

Manhattan SCALE is a portfolio of distribution management and transportation management solutions built on Microsoft .NET technology designed to be rapidly implemented and deployed to meet the needs of industries such as third-party logistics providers, food and beverage distributors and consumer packaged goods companies.

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About LeSaint Logistics

As a Top 100 3PL provider, LeSaint delivers intelligent warehousing, fulfillment and transportation solutions that provide continuous process improvements to boost the customer’s bottom line. With 18 facilities nationwide, LeSaint focuses on the retail, chemical and manufacturing industries.

About Manhattan Associates, Inc.

Manhattan Associates continues to deliver on its 23-year heritage of providing global supply chain excellence to more than 1,200 customers worldwide that consider supply chain optimization core to their strategic market leadership. The company's supply chain innovations include: Manhattan SCOPE® a portfolio of software solutions and technology that leverages a Supply Chain Process Platform to help organizations optimize their supply chains from planning through execution; Manhattan SCALE™, a portfolio of distribution management and transportation management solutions built on Microsoft .NET technology; and Manhattan Carrier™, a suite of supply chain solutions specifically addressing the needs of the motor carrier industry. For more information, please visit

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