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Manhattan Associates Helps Celadon Trucking Increase Driver Retention

Driver&Load™ & Drop&Swap™ also reducing empty miles, increasing on-time deliveries

ATLANTA, June 26, 2013

Driver retention has increased for Celadon Trucking Inc. (NYSE: CGI), one of North America’s largest truckload carriers, thanks in part to solutions from Manhattan Associates’ (NASDAQ: MANH) Carrier Management™ product suite. Manhattan Driver&Load™ and Manhattan Drop&Swap™ also improved deadhead by 3.5 percent, reduced the ratio of Celadon Trucking’s administrative staff to drivers by 9 percent and increased on-time deliveries by more than 7.5 percent.

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“With these results, not only do we drive out inefficiencies, but we garner improvements in profitability led from increased utilization, decreased deadhead, and improved driver satisfaction,” said Michael Gabbei, chief information officer, Celadon Trucking. “Without the help of Manhattan we would see a significant decrease in home time compliance and a significant increase in deadhead.”

Celadon is one of the safest truckload carriers, with multiple first-place finishes in the Truckload Carriers Association’s National Fleet Safety Awards among carriers annually logging more than 100 million miles. Celadon employs approximately 4,000 employees and operates roughly 3,300 tractors and 10,000 trailers. Its customer base includes Fortune 500 shippers such as General Electric, Philip Morris, Wal-Mart, DaimlerChrysler, Procter & Gamble, and Target.

“We used to spend a lot of time chasing our tails because we could only look at one truck and one load at a time,” said Matt Douglass, director of planning and optimization, Celadon Trucking. “Driver and customer satisfaction are our top priority, and the Manhattan system has given us a complete overview so that we know what all the trucks and all the loads are doing across our network.”

Manhattan Driver&Load and Drop&Swap’s visibility and insight allows companies to identify and address potential network issues, such as on-time pickup and delivery, driver home-time needs and network imbalances before they become unsalvageable.

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About Celadon Trucking Inc.

Founded in 1985, Celadon Trucking Inc. (NYSE: CGI) ranks as one of North America’s largest truckload carriers with annual revenue exceeding $550 million. The company has undergone constant expansion and now operates more than 3,000 trucks in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. With 12 terminals in three countries, its international presence has provided the company with a unique niche in the shipping industry.

About Manhattan Associates, Inc.

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