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Innovation in Action on the Main Stage at Manhattan Momentum 2016

Manhattan Associates’ New Solutions Deliver a Fulfilling Experience

ATLANTA and ORLANDO, FL, May 16, 2016

Today at Momentum 2016, Manhattan Associates’ (NASDAQ:MANH) annual user conference, attendees will experience innovation in action via a feature film where the stars are eight of Manhattan’s latest platform-based releases. Manhattan’s president and CEO, Eddie Capel, will lead the audience through a scenario that demonstrates how omnichannel innovation across the enterprise, from the warehouse to the store, can deliver a fulfilling experience to customers and a profitable experience to shareholders. Capel’s keynote address will present the growth opportunity available to the enterprise that invests in innovation to connect customer information across the organization and personalize the customer experience.

“You have to have synchronized processes that act in unison across the enterprise, regardless of industry, to drive both a fulfilling experience for customers and a profitable outcome for the business,” says Capel. “Our innovation strategy and investments are rooted in the belief that bringing supply chains and customers closer together across a customer-centric platform delivers strategic value to our customers and a fulfilling experience to all types of buyers—not just retail.”

Innovation in Action on the Main Stage at Momentum:

In the Warehouse – Mobile Picking, Pack Station and DM Mobile

Today’s e-commerce distribution centers face numerous challenges as a result of omnichannel environments. Warehouses depend on a temporary workforce, especially during peak season, but the increased cost and challenges associated with these workers can burden the enterprise. Manhattan’s new picking and packing applications are designed around task learning and ease of use to ensure that temporary workers are more productive and less error prone. Warehouse managers are another core component of ensuring that a distribution center runs smoothly and efficiently. Manhattan’s improved Distribution Management (DM) Mobile application allows warehouse managers to do more from a tablet, enabling them to make decisions directly from the warehouse floor, versus staying tethered to a desktop computer.

In the Call Center – Order Management, Multi-Brand, Multi-Country, Multi-Currency Customer Service

Enterprises are expanding into the global marketplace, often with multiple brands. This multi-brand, multi-region strategy requires customer service representatives (CSRs) to have a single interface to access country-specific inventory, pricing, promotion and shipping criteria for all of the company’s brands. Manhattan’s enhanced Omnichannel Customer Service solution offers the flexibility to configure and sell brands across countries while easily handling varied pricing, currency and payment methods, as well as geographic-specific requirements. With this solution, CSRs can service a request from a buyer in the U.K. looking for a product she saw in France but wanting to ship it to friend in the U.S. from a single application that features a user-friendly interface.

In the Store – Store Inventory & Fulfillment, Point of Sale, Clienteling

Store associates are the cornerstones of a retail enterprise, and to achieve exceptional customer service in today’s omnichannel landscape, retailers must empower them to be helpful and engaged with customers while still being supportive of all aspects of back-end operations. Manhattan Associates added new capabilities to better equip store associates to handle cross-channel returns and exchanges and to ensure a seamless transition from on-the-floor consultative selling to transactional selling to check out – all from within a single interface and on one mobile device. Other solutions from Manhattan allow associates to engage with a customer before he or she ever visits a store and deliver an exceptionally personalized shopping experience that has historically been reserved for luxury retailers.

“This is an exciting time in the industry. Our customers count on us to deliver on our vision of consistent customer engagement across every channel, and the innovative technology solutions we introduced today and earlier this year are prime examples of our industry leadership,” finishes Capel.

Attendees of Momentum 2016 can experience the innovative technology solutions highlighted during the keynote address at the Discovery Center, inside the experience pavilion.   

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