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BRP Research Report: "OMS - The Brains of the Operation"

BRP Research Report: "OMS - The Brains of the Operation"

“Customer expectations are exceeding retail capabilities – creating a ‘great digital divide.’ Retailers realize that unified commerce is a retail imperative, but executing the strategy is challenging. The answer may be utilizing an order management system (OMS) as a unified commerce platform.” -  David Russo, vice president at BRP  

No longer able to meet rising customer expectations with legacy systems, many companies have piecemealed systems together as a quick fix for delivering seamless customer experience across channels. But this sort of approach cannot execute as promised and risks disappointing customers. 

Find out how utilizing a unified order management system as the platform for unified commerce can help solve cross-channel challenges for retailers, including increasing sales, by offering more purchasing options and reduced costs by simplifying the store-level technology environment.

Key benefits include
  • Single shopping cart
  • Cross-channel inventory visibility and availability
  • Flexible ordering and delivery options
  • Simplified and flexible technology
  • Headless commerce architecture
  • Customer experience personalization

Download the BRP Research Report “OMS – The Brains of the Operation” to find out why 64% of retailers are planning to implement a single order management platform in the next three years.

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