Research Report

How Today’s Retailer Priorities Align with Customer Expectations


Are retailer priorities aligned with customer expectations? 

That’s a key question we sought to answer in this quantitative survey of 2,000 retail professionals and 2,000 adult customers across the United States to examine their perspectives. We uncovered so much more. 

This research report offers:

  • Detailed insights of customer wants and needs
  • New guidance to align online and in-store channels
  • Opportunities to differentiate among your competitors
  • Actionable data on the role of store associates
  • New insights on how to save the sale
  • Business case data for better inventory visibility

Who should read this report?  

  • Retail Executives
  • Store Operation Experts
  • E-commerce Leaders

This report is ideal for anyone wanting to take their organization’s approach to combining online and in-store experiences to the next level and need evidence and insights to make a business case for change. 

Why Read This Report

As a retailer, trying to keep up with your customers' expectations is a moving target. Nowhere is there a more critical battleground for exceeding their expectations than inside the store. To help you understand shopper expectations of brick-and-mortar stores and meet these expectations, Manhattan Associates surveyed 4,000 retailers and consumers across the U.S.

This report identifies winning strategies to help prioritize store transformations. 

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