Going Cloud-Native: Obstacles and Opportunities

Going Cloud-Native: Obstacles and Opportunities

Cloud-native technologies are leading a new era of distributed enterprise software, designed to be built and run anywhere. 

Dave Bartoletti, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, and Krishna Venkatasamy, senior director, Product Management at Manhattan Associates, will share how cloud-native technology can power digital transformation by helping companies build, migrate and modernize business-critical, core applications. 

Learn how to chart a course that overcomes security, performance, and management challenges to capitalize on opportunities created by more agile and innovative operations.  

In this webinar, find out: 
  • Why it is critical for organizations to migrate enterprise applications to a cloud-native architecture
  • The risks and concerns of cloud-native technologies
  • How you can leverage best practices to have a successful cloud migration
  • Examples of organizations that have successfully moved to the cloud