Solving the Omnichannel Inventory Challenge with a Single Platform

Solving the Omni-Channel Inventory Challenge with a Single Platform

As a retailer, omnichannel demand is wreaking havoc on your inventory management practices. The result? You’re tasked with the difficulties of how to profitably fulfill orders with available inventory today:

  • “Online sales keep cutting into my inventory!"
  • "I keep receiving inventory for unwanted, marked-down stock."
  • "How should I respond to demand patten shifts in Omnichannel?"

Now you can ensure profitable orders by tightly integrating inventory and order management. Watch this video to find out how.

Topics addressed in this video: saving the sale, distributed order management (DOM), enterprise order management, inventory optimization, omnichannel fulfillment, retail, ecommerce, mobile commerce, safety stock, cycle stock, inventory protection. 


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