Turning Procurement into a Transportation Advantage

It’s a time of great change in transportation, as well as opportunity. We brought transportation experts together to discuss why procurement technology is critical, how to choose the right solution and implement the right strategy. Consider it a transportation procurement primer.

In this episode of Talking Logistics, Adrian Gonzalez interviews Bob Jarvis, Engagement Director at Manhattan Associates and Gregg Lanyard, Director of Product Management & Strategy. They discuss seven key topics:

Impactful Trends in Transportation Management

0:00 – 06:02: Recently in transportation, change has been a constant. Companies are dealing with more links, more nodes and more frequent shipments. The key to handling new complexities starts with the right procurement strategy.

Getting Started with Better Transportation Procurement

06:03 – 10:33: Advanced procurement starts with a deep understanding of your entire transportation network. Clearly presenting those needs to carriers is how you can achieve significant, and executable savings

Key Capabilities of Transportation Procurement Technology

10:33 – 14:24: The goals for any business should be standardization when it comes to the bid process and flexibility in implementation. Reaching them requires four key capabilities from procurement technology.

Designing the Right Transportation Procurement Strategy

14:25 – 20:09: A technology partner with broad experience can help you create a transportation procurement strategy that maximizes savings and meets your specific business needs.

Emerging Technology in Transportation Procurement

20:10 – 22:55: From capacity forecasts to secondary carriers, strategic modelling is allowing companies to run countless simulations to check the impact of decisions and changes before they are made

Dos and Don’ts for Transportation Procurement

22:56 – 27:43: A successful procurement strategy often hinges on avoiding pitfalls that can become obstacles to execution. The treatment of carrier negotiations is an area that demands special attention.

What will separate the leaders from the laggards?

27:44 – 30:39: In a time of constant change, integrating procurement into transportation and carrier management operations has never been more important. Selecting the right procurement technology can help you thrive.

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