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Can AI help organizations react faster and more accurately to disruptions like the coronavirus pandemic?
In this episode, we discuss the critical need for omnichannel capabilities today and how life at home may transform retail in the future.
So, where’s all the TP? Let’s talk about inventory management and the demand shock caused by the COVID-19 outbreak
What is gamification and how can using psychological and motivational tactics from video games engage and retain workers in the distribution center?
The seismic shift in consumer shopping behavior has caused many retailers to lose their primary form of customer engagement. How are they responding?
This podcast episode explores the lessons learned by retailers during the current crisis and how they can them help plan for the next disruption.
Manhattan Associates salutes the companies and individuals that are going above and beyond to move life and commerce forward and sustain us in these uncertain times.
With more links, more nodes and more frequent shipments in the supply chain, the key to handling new complexity starts with the right procurement strategy.
Great change means great opportunity. Why the time has come for transportation procurement and how to get started
It’s a demanding world. Give yourself the advantage of simultaneous wave and waveless fulfillment with Manhattan Order Streaming technology.

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