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The current-state and future potential of warehouse robotics & automation in today’s logistics market.
Learn how your peers are tacking the increases in e-commerce orders and direct-to-consumer fulfillment, and related warehouse staffing challenges.
Learn about the best practices that drive employee engagement at a time when social distancing and safety practices in the warehouse are paramount.
The ability to balance man and machine in the warehouse may be more critical than ever as the rise of digital commerce and proliferation of robotics intersect in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.
In a time of constant change, integrating procurement into transportation and carrier management operations has never been more important.
A successful procurement strategy often hinges on avoiding pitfalls that can become obstacles to execution.
Strategic modelling is allowing companies to run countless simulations to check the impact of decisions and changes before they are made.
Your transportation procurement strategy must come understanding the needs of the business and the requirements of the network.
No matter the type of business or the network, there are four capabilities critical for any procurement solution.
Successful procurement starts with a deep understanding of the network and only ends when bids are successfully executed.

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