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Flex Your Fulfillment at the Speed of Change

Flex Your Fulfillment at the Speed of Change

Who should read this?
This white paper is for retailers and brands faced with the complex dilemma of how to evolve a direct-to-consumer (DTC) fulfillment strategy. If you’re a supply chain, e-commerce, store operations or business systems/IT professional, this white paper is intended to help you articulate the challenges you’re facing and help you take steps to find an effective solution.

What you will learn.
Flexing the supply chain allows retailers and integrated brand manufacturers to keep their costs in check while still having the ability to align supply with changing demand. To do this well, you'll need to 

  • Make your distribution network responsive to variations in demand
  • Model transportation policy changes before evolving your network
  • Engage the power of network fulfillment with order management

Let's explore how to design your fulfillment operations to maximize throughput and capacity, while avoiding capital investments that become underutilized. 

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