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The Retail Store is Back: How Can You Make it the Best it Can Be?

RSR Benchmark Report 2015

Retail Systems Research (RSR) Benchmark Report 2015: Empowering the Store Employee

Now that omnichannel has virtually turned the industry upside down, retailers have spoken: the store is back. And it’s the store employee who holds the keys to success.

According to RSR’s Benchmark Report, Empowering the Store Employee, retailers are seeking to offer services in stores that consumers simply can’t get online, yet their current workforce isn’t quite prepared to offer these services. How will this play out? Here are a few findings this report uncovers:

  • How to incent employees to make the store more enticing while managing payroll-to-sales ratios.
  • Opportunities to empower employees with technology and enable them to address out-of-stock issues by locating and selling merchandise from any channel.
  • Retail Winners’ implementation of in-store technologies outpaces that of their peers, however even they haven’t made the all-important connection between omnichannel inventory visibility and orders/transactions.

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