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Reduce Fuel Costs
Effective fuel planning significantly improves when you know your total cost of dispatch, including those hidden costs that impact true fuel cost savings.
Increase Asset Utilization
An effective strategy for increasing asset utilization is to have the right data from your network to make real-time decisions while preparing for future demand.
Minimize Empty Miles
Maximize the number of daily loaded miles by planning routes and matching a driver’s estimated time of arrival to reduce waiting time.
Integrate Electronic Logging Data
Make the transition to e-logs smoother by giving load planners tools for increased network visibility.
Manage Hours of Service
On-going safety and compliance is good for business. Use every drivers' HOS efficiently throughout your planning process and on the road.
Retain Truck Drivers
Build strong relationships with your drivers by selecting driver-preferred routes, such as specific truck stops, and matching drivers to loads for weekends off.
Reduce Toll Costs
When multiplied across an entire fleet, toll costs add up. Get real-time recommendations on routing to avoid tolls or prepare for toll costs ahead of time.

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