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At a Glance: Manhattan Associates Corporate Overview

Supply Chains once existed simply to push products to market as efficiently as possible. Because today’s omni-channel world has given customers control, companies must anticipate needs and deliver on customer choices—whenever, wherever and however they choose to interact with your brand. This power shift between buyers and brands is transforming supply chains around the globe. And, it’s produced a new commerce landscape that has companies rethinking their supply chain strategy. They must meet the unique, personal demands of the customer-driven marketplace, and do so profitably. That means their supply chains must be closer than ever to the customer.

These closer connections enable supply chains to deliver the kind of personalized experiences that lock in loyalty and grow revenue— simply put, transforming your supply chain from just a money-saver to also be a money-maker. We call it Supply Chain Commerce. And, with offices in nine countries and partners on nearly every continent, Manhattan Associates is the supply chain commerce solutions provider of choice for supply chain leaders around the world.

Our world-class supply chain commerce solutions and services focus on three key areas:

More Quick Facts

Founded: 1990
Global Customers: More than 1,200
Supply Chain Focused R&D Investment: Over $45 million in 2012, more than $301 million since 2006
Core Markets: Retail, Food/Grocery, Consumer Goods, Logistics Service Providers, Life Sciences, Industrial/Wholesale, High Tech/Electronics, Transportation Providers, Government
Global Presence: Offices in Australia, China, France, India, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States

For a more in-depth view of our supply chain commerce solutions, please view our At A Glance Brochure or contact us to learn more about Manhattan Associates and our solutions. You may also be interested in reviewing our investor relations fact sheet.

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