Manhattan Active™ Solutions

Today, staying idle isn’t an option. That's why we're introducing our next generation of active software and services to meet the needs of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and more industries feeling the impact of digital commerce technology and consumer expectations. 

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Manhattan Active™ Solutions for Retailers, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers

When an enterprise is active and able to compete in a world that prioritizes price, product availability, and speed, it has a competitive edge in retail and beyond retail. 

  • In retail, consumers have ubiquitous access to products online, with virtually limitless choices. They expect a unified and seamless shopping experience. Manhattan Active Solutions optimize operations for selling, customer service, fulfillment, and distribution to increase revenue and profitability. Together, they enable seamless integration of physical and digital retail, inventory and distribution across the enterprise.
  • Beyond retail, finished goods manufacturers and wholesale distributors are experiencing the consumerization of their industries. These customers have grown accustomed to digital advancements and are starting to expect greater convenience and improved service from suppliers and partners. Manhattan Active Solutions adapts, adjusts and evolves with the market. That’s because the suite is always current, can run anywhere, is seamlessly interconnected and continuously adapts to help our customers make what’s next, what’s now.

Manhattan Active Solutions includes three comprehensive suites, each designed for seamless interconnection to streamline customer, inventory, and execution activities across the enterprise.

Manhattan Active Solutions

Manhattan ActiveTM Inventory

Whether you’re a retailer or wholesale distributor, Manhattan’s Active Inventory solutions ensure you get the right amount of product to the right place at the right time. Using Manhattan’s best-in-class algorithms for inventory forecasting and planning across multiple echelons, our Active Inventory solutions model changes in real-time.

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Manhattan ActiveTM Omni

Our Active Omni Solutions are a first-of-its-kind, born-in-the-cloud, comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services that run anywhere, stay current and are fully extensible. They operate on a single application for every aspect of omnichannel operations at headquarters (HQ) or inside your store. 

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Manhattan ActiveTM Supply Chain

Manhattan’s Active Supply Chain solutions allow you to innovate and optimize complex distribution and transportation operations with actionable visibility across the entire supply chain.

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Manhattan ActiveTM Integration Platform

Whether it’s selling, providing service, fulfillment or engagement, Manhattan Active Solutions help you do it all more effectively. Always current and seamlessly interconnected, these solutions give you access to the latest innovations across your entire enterprise through an integrated suite of platform-based products.

It runs anywhere and it’s adaptive to support the needs of the organization, improving decision-making and process optimization. It’s an entire Active Solutions suite that allows you to stay actively updated on every facet of your operation and actively ahead of your competitors.