Manhattan Active™ Inventory

Improve service levels. Increase sales. Reduce inventory. 

These have been the cornerstones of advanced inventory optimization for decades. But in the era of digital commerce, the costs for consumers to switch loyalties has been reduced significantly. As a result, companies in every industry are challenged with finding new ways to acquire and retain customers—without buying more inventory. 

Manhattan Active Inventory now includes Inventory-as-a-Service and a new S&OP Workbench solution. 


Manhattan Active™ Planning

Manhattan’s Planning solutions span a broad range of capabilities, each designed to ensure retail organizations have a single view of their inventory planning needs. Our Planning solutions were designed to facilitate all your pre-season and in-season planning needs.

Components include:


Manhattan Active™ Inventory Optimization

Manhattan’s Active™ Inventory Optimization solutions enable retailers and wholesalers to maximize sales and customer service with the least amount of inventory investment possible. These solutions combine market-leading innovation, advanced algorithms and data science with an intuitive, visually-stunning user experience—helping drive shareholder value from every inventory-intensive operation. 

Components include: