Manhattan Active™ Supply Chain

Manhattan’s Active Supply Chain suite of solutions allow enterprises to optimize large and complex operations, adapt to market and demand changes, and iterate and innovate at speed. By using our active solutions, an enterprise has technology that is always current, seamlessly interconnected, runs anywhere, and is easily adaptable. 


Manhattan Active™ Distribution

Manhattan’s Active Distribution allows you to boost warehouse productivity, equipment efficiency and employee engagement, with responsiveness to adapt to expected or unexpected demand increases and decreases.

With distribution center technology that’s as easy to use and as flexible as an app on a smartphone, you can get employees up to speed faster and empower managers and supervisors be more effective.

Solutions include: 


Manhattan Active™ Transportation

Manhattan’s Active Transportation solution provides a single, comprehensive logistics solution set designed to support the entirety of an organization’s shipping needs, regardless of mode, geography or channel. The solution allows transportation modeling, enables fleet optimization and dispatch, provides deep parcel and courier support, gives visibility and merges transportation and distribution operations in a single logistics system.

Solutions include: 


In addition, Supply Chain Convergence solutions help bridge functional gaps between warehousing, transportation and the extended enterprise which allows for a more responsive operation and opens the door to increased profitability. Supply Chain Visibility solutions offer 360° visibility to help you make the right operational and cost decisions.