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Platforms: Supply Chain Management and Logistics Optimization Platforms

At Manhattan Associates, we believe supply chains operating on platforms of visibility, holistic intelligence, flexible workflows and shared common elements create enduring competitive market advantage for our customers. Platform thinking gives operational executives unprecedented business agility in managing their supply chains, while also grounding and orchestrating formerly “siloed” logistical functions in a unified structure that, over time, can slash millions of dollars in deployment costs, maintenance fees and upgrade investments.

Manhattan’s platform and complementary SCE/SCP applications allow for deep and broad solutions for companies that want to differentiate themselves based on supply chain capabilities.
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Making decisions about inventory, orders, transportation, and distribution in isolation without considering data, workflows and inputs from each discipline in the supply chain traditionally leads to more costly and suboptimal operations. This is because each of these areas generates cost and service-level consequences that impact the others directly or indirectly.

Our supply chain platforms coordinate insights, people, workflows, assets, events and tasks holistically across supply chain functions from planning through execution. They also help to coordinate actions, data exchange and communication among participants across supply chain ecosystems.

Manhattan SCOPE®, Supply Chain Optimization…Planning through Execution, is a comprehensive portfolio of supply chain solutions that leverages the industry’s first and only Supply Chain Process Platform to deliver cross-application optimization and integration not previously possible in the supply chain industry. By synthesizing our Distribution Management, Inventory Optimization, Order Lifecycle Management, Planning and Forecasting and Transportation Lifecycle Management suites into one intelligent, integrated framework, Manhattan SCOPE creates an unprecedented opportunity to leverage your supply chain as a game-changing strategic asset. Manhattan SCOPE ideally suited for companies with high levels of supply chain complexity that consider supply chain software, processes and technology strategic to market leadership.

Manhattan SCALE™, Supply Chain Architected for Logistics Execution,is an ideal blend of features, functionality and technology for organizations looking for a high-performing, affordable, and low-risk supply chain solution. Built on the Microsoft .NET development platform and the Microsoft Windows Server® and Microsoft SQL Server® family of products, Manhattan SCALE’s “scaled to fit, ready to run” infrastructure integrates Trading Partner Management, Yard Management, Optimization, Warehouse Management and Transportation Execution to create Whole-Chain Awareness™ -- a cost-effective, optimized supply chain platform suite with synthesized processes, data and workflows that offer end-to-end supply chain integration and visibility.

Manhattan MORE®, Manhattan’s Optimized Roadmap to Excellence, is a platform of practices, protocols and proven methodologies that make up our 360-degree customer excellence lifecycle. Backed by a dedicated, expert team of Manhattan Supply Chain People® and a worldwide network of Partners, Manhattan MORE’s comprehensive three-phase methodology of Engagement, Deployment and Adoption delivers on our commitment to help our customers become supply chain leaders and achieve superior supply chain performance.

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