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Manhattan SCOPE®: Supply Chain Optimization…Planning Through Execution

The consumerization of technology and emergence of online commerce have prompted a revolution–a digital revolution that’s shifting market dynamics, transforming relationships between buyers and brands, and shaping a new commerce landscape.

Since every industry is feeling the impact of digital empowerment–retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers–supply chains must reach beyond their legacy role in process and performance efficiency and become drivers of revenue and relationships in order to meet the growing demands of digital commerce that we are seeing today. This is where Supply Chain Commerce comes into play and Manhattan’s evolutionary platform-based approach that connects money-saving supply chain solutions with money-making commerce solutions.

Manhattan SCOPE®, Supply Chain Optimization…Planning through Execution, is a comprehensive portfolio of supply chain solutions that leverages the industry’s first and only Supply Chain Process Platform to deliver cross-application optimization and integration not previously possible in the supply chain industry. SCOPE provides Supply Chain Solutions, coupled with Commerce Solutions to fully integrate visibility and insight into your organizations overall performance.

Manhattan’s SCOPE platform-based approach makes it possible to:

  • Operate profitability in an omni-channel world by enabling “buy everywhere, deliver anywhere” commerce and managing bottom-line costs through inventory, labor and asset optimization.
  • Exploit new revenue opportunities through seeing network-wide inventory availability and increase gross margins by optimizing demand fulfillment.
  • Coordinate workflows and communication with suppliers, manufactures, distributors, transportation providers and customers for increased efficiencies across the network.
  • Balance transportation and inventory costs with desired service levels across all channels.
  • Increase productivity and asset utilization in distribution centers across the network to improve return on supply chain assets.
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