Manhattan Associates

Platform Thinking™: Next-Generation Supply Chain Strategy and Technology

Platform Thinking™ is the core idea infusing our technology, principles and practices—and the driving dynamic that is optimizing many of the world’s most well-run supply chains. Platform Thinking describes the intelligence that infuses the way we design supply chain commerce software, consult with customers and deliver our solutions.

Just like DNA is the platform enabling molecular intelligence and advancement, and language is the platform organizing the alphabet to accelerate the power of communication, Platform Thinking is the driving force behind our more than 20 years of supply chain leadership and innovation, and the foundation for our supply chain commerce solutions.

By taking a unified approach to everything we do at Manhattan Associates, we deliver end-to-end supply chain commerce integration that dissolves operational silos, breaks down the walls between channels, and promotes holistic and strategic decision-making. We believe that this platform approach is the best way to optimize supply chain commerce, promote innovation and long-term growth, and create competitive advantage for our customers in every industry.

Whether your supply chain commerce strategy or pain point is omni-channel commerce, planning and forecasting, inventory optimization, order management, store inventory and fulfillment, transportation or warehouse management, our goal is to leverage Platform-Thinking to transform your supply chain into a game-changing strategic asset.

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