Manhattan Associates has developed the very definition of clienteling for unforgettable retail customer experiences.
Enable personalized attention and develop brand loyalty.

What is clienteling? 

Clienteling improves in-store personalization by making a broad array of customer information and customer-focused capabilities available to the store associate. Clienteling benefits from interoperability with an enterprise order management system to provide real-time access to customer transactions, network inventory and full lifecycle fulfillment.

What can clienteling do? 

Allow store professionals to meet their customers at key points along the brand journey— before, during and after store visits for personalized attention and service. Give them a 360° view of customer activity (from Enterprise Order Management) with an electronic ‘black book’ for a high-touch, premium shopping experience.

Features + Functions
Built-in mobile point-of-sale engine with full checkout functions
Personalized shopping and guided selling with customer-specific digital assets
Multi-channel communication (email, SMS text and more)
Recommendations, cross selling and promotions based on customer preferences
Interactive look books, product videos and other assisted selling content
Manage customer appointments
View sales metrics for store associates
Sell against customers' online wishlists
View sales metrics for current user, other employees and stores
Full Integration capabilities with any backend or ecommerce system
Load sales metrics data via API files or as flat-file CSV