Retail demand forecasting software
Stay ahead of demand.

Manage infinite combinations of locations, products and forecasting models; differing time horizons and forecasting methods for assortment, financial and replenishment planning; distorted historical data; seasonal variations and exceptions.

Manages the delicate balancing act between supply and demand; between minimizing inventory investment and optimizing revenue opportunities.
Generate and maintain forecasts at different levels of product and location nodes
Leverage built-in demand cleansing
Sense trends and demand patterns and respond with the dynamic, adaptive Unified Forecasting Method
Capture seasonal patterns and properly account for them in the forecast through advanced seasonal profiling
Use advanced exception management to automatically detect and self-correct problems
Cleansing: Built-in demand cleansing so you won't be misled by anomalies.
Forecasting: Proprietary Unified Forecasting Method™ to dynamically sense demand and adapt.
Hosting. Available as SaaS, single-tenant and on-premise.
Seasonal Profiling: Automatically account for seasonal curves related to moving holidays.
Exception Management: Adjust the logic and business rules that govern the creation and management of exceptions.
Platforms: Available on Open Systems, .NET and IBM i.