Distributed Order Management
Omni-Channel Order Management

Our Distributed Order Management software gives omni-channel retailers and consumer goods manufacturers with retail operations the tools to manage, monitor and optimize cross-channel order management.

Regardless of whether an order originates online, in-store, through the call center or catalog, our Distributed Order Management software provides a global, real-time view of inventory, order status and location.

Features + Functions
Minimize delivery time and maximize order profitability by optimizing selection of the fulfillment location using the defined customer service and profitability
Manage multiple fulfillment constraints such as fulfillment outages, capacity constraints and inventory protection
Orchestrate complex merge-in-transit fulfillment flows to provide single delivery to the customer
Enable vendor drop-ship order fulfillment
Manage retail/replenishment order fulfillment through purpose-built strategies
Predict and manage inventory shortages, potential customer service issues and delivery problems