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The Seek&Destroy and Capacity Creator capabilities of the Drop&Swap module make finding solutions to covering freight on time much easier and quicker. It’s a hundred times better than what we had..."
Jim Kobeski, Director of Regional Operations
Enable avoidance of late pickups and deliveries
Create velocity in a network by finding drivers who can deliver sooner
Increase driver utilization by swapping drivers off unproductive loads
Reposition regional or dedicated drivers back into their home area
Identify additional capacity to manage last-minute customer demands
Find, evaluate and execute face-to-face assignment swaps knowing impact on time and drivers
Seek&Destroy looks across your network to idendity potential issues and solve them
Integrates with existing dispatch systems like TMW and McLeod
On-going customer support
Capacity Creator projects where drivers and loads will be in every three-digit ZIP code
On-site training by Manhattan experts
Available on Windows platform