Enterprise Order Management


Meeting shopper expectations requires a unified approach, from capturing the order to accepting returns via any channel. Customers should not need to bend their shopping behavior to match the contours of a retailer’s capabilities.

With Manhattan Enterprise Order Management, retailers can have complete command and control of customer transactions, visibility and availability of inventory, and orchestration of orders across the enterprise—all in real time. At the same time, retailers can weigh every fulfillment option and simultaneously consider product performance, geographic implications, financial costs, operational costs, and customer satisfaction impact to always choose the most profitable option to meet the customer promise.

Most ordering platforms retailers use to execute on the customer promise are carryover designs from the last century, built when shipping from four or five distribution centers was considered complex. They have become unwieldy, use monolithic data structures, and require extensive manual support to deploy configurations and updates to scale. The interfaces are not responsive or consistent and most were designed when the cloud was just water vapor.

Manhattan Enterprise Order Management provides the tools retailers need—in a wide range of deployment models—to build an agile, powerful, and fully optimized, yet collaborative, organization tailored to the realities of shopping today.

Features + Functions
  • Leverage our order system of record for omni-channel retail, driving increased sales and improved margins through flexible sales and execution management
  • Achieve a single view of the customer matched to a single view of network inventory and makes it available to every selling and service channel
  • Efficiently route orders to vendors, distribution centers, stores and order fulfillment partners to minimize delivery time and maximize order profitability
  • Predict inventory shortages, potential customer service issues and delivery problems Reduce back-orders and meet customer demand by automating substitutions for similar products based on business rules
  • Support for split tender, split shipment and resulting split settlements Determine the optimal fulfillment plan based on configurable business rules Enable buy online, pick up in store processes
  • Own the entire financial and payment lifecycle for every order
  • Out of the box integration with CyberSource®, Vertex®, and Minisoft
  • Available on Open Systems platform
  • Available in multiple deployment options: Multi-tenant SaaS, on-premise, private hosted, hybrid deployment