Labor Management
Optimize your warehouse workforce with precision.

Our labor management system has a proven track record for reducing labor costs while decreasing employee turnover by rewarding efficiency, quality and safety. With these advanced labor scheduling and labor tracking tools you can meet increasing demands for omni-channel operations planning. Our DM mobile application can help move supervisors out onto the warehouse floor where they can better interact with their teams. 

Features + Functions
Understand how staff is performing against engineered standards
Use ‘what-if’ analysis to determine optimal staff composition
Forecast and plan labor by day, shift, job and zone
Forecast staffing requirements and optimize employee schedules
Optimize overtime, regular and temporary labor based on demand forecasts
Use mobile capabilities to facilitate more supervisor time spent on the floor with real-time data on employee productivity and performance
Calculate incentive pay and feed into payroll systems
Available on Open Systems, .NET and IBM i Series platforms