Manhattan SCALE

Supply Chain Technology That's Scaled to Fit, Ready to Run

Today's commerce revolution has created unprecedented challenges for companies to meet the ever-changing demands of a digital world. Distributors are being asked to outperform with current or reduced staffs, supply more channels from a single inventory, deliver on exquisite customer experiences—and do so faster, cheaper and with products that engage them as end users. The near-term horizon introduces a whole new set of challenges with wearable devices, intelligent integration between those devices, ease of access and the general push to an ’always on, always optimizing supply chain management solution.

In a marketplace that can change on a dime, you need agility and scalability to quickly seize new opportunities while still maintaining operational efficiencies. Manhattan SCALE is the right solution for dealing with demanding distribution issues and provides an ideal blend of features, functions, and technology for organizations seeking to solve supply chain execution challenges.

Solution Components

Warehouse Management

Fine-tune your facility with a more efficient layout, well-utilized resources, streamlined inventory, and flawless order fulfillment. Improve SKU distribution to increase picking accuracy and efficiency, and ensure bills are accurately generated reflecting contracted prices.

Features + Functions
  • Enhance warehouse layout for faster fulfillment and overhead reduction

  • Improve order accuracy and reduce safety stock

  • Simplify order fulfillment by optimizing how orders are aggregated, picked, and shipped

  • Leverage best-in-class wave management features to streamline processes

  • Automate picking, packing, and shipping and minimize the number of moves per order

  • Leverage the latest companion technologies including voice, radio frequency, and MHE

  • Analyze every facet of order fulfillment to speed processing and improve customer service

Labor Management

Improve performance while reducing costs. Maximize labor resources through planning and monitoring.

Features + Functions
  • Optimize labor, slotting, and billing processes across your warehouse

  • Track associate time, project task duration, and provide synchronized performance reporting

  • Gain visibility into assigned and completed work, optimize schedules, and ensure focus on top priorities

  • Forecast labor needs accurately, improve labor efficiency, and reduce overtime hours

  • Achieve peak productivity of your picking and replenishment labor

  • Maintain strategic product groupings for improved customer service

  • Invoice customers accurately based on work performed without labor-intensive tracking

Trading Partner Management

Extend supply chain capabilities and automate communications to keep inventory flowing smoothly, respond to orders quickly, and provide a customer-facing online portal.

Features + Functions
  • Provide real-time exchange of business information

  • Manage orders, inventory, receipts, and shipments through your supply chain

  • Gain visibility across your network

Supply Chain Intelligence

Eliminate manual reports and get meaningful, real-time data for evaluating performance of employees, logistics partners, and facilities.

Features + Functions
  • Share data, alert functions, views, and reports across your organization and with trading partners

  • Provide scorecard functionality that measures and evaluates performance

  • Enable creation of customized and ad-hoc reports and dashboards to monitor departmental activities and measure performance against company goals

  • Identify problem areas to improve relationships with trading partners or processes and reduce costs

  • Simplify tracking of critical information such as transportation, distribution, and labor data

  • Streamline cost tracking and analyze cost data using time-based rules

Transportation Execution

Manage your transportation activities so you can coordinate, redirect, and stay on schedule.

Features + Functions
  • Reduce transportation costs with optimized routing, rate shopping, and carrier selection

  • Minimize freight spend via shipment consolidation

  • Provide robust rating structure support for all major carrier types

  • Manage and track all major parcel carriers’ shipments

  • Generate compliant shipping labels

  • Eliminate address correction charges via Address Validation

  • Provide customer-facing track and trace via web portal or plug-in to your system

Yard Management

Know trailer positions and status instantly. Schedule arrivals by dock and reduce loading and unloading time.

Features + Functions
  • Gain visibility into all trailers and other assets in the yard and their precise locations
  • Use radio frequency technology to ensure accuracy of the trailer and dock positions when moving trailers from yard to dock
  • Provide efficient appointment management, enhance security, and ensure compliance with Hours of Service regulations
  • Perform inquiries, run reports, and review real-time information to monitor and improve performance