Slotting Optimization


Increase warehouse efficiency by calculating the best placement of inventory
Solve space utilization problems by determining the appropriate storage capacity and volume-balancing levels
Determine the appropriate amount of racking and racking type based on projected inventory levels
Maintain your preferred item sequencing and family groupings
Import sample sets of data and simulated picking assignments to enable advanced cost analysis and determine optimal personnel placement
Capturte data and simplify analysis for tracking key warehouse slotting performance indicators
Recommend incremental adjustments as products are added or deleted, to meet seasonal demand, or to accommodate other changes as they occur


Organize by velocity to maximize throughput
Identify ‘golden zones’ to reduce worker fatigue and accidents
Optimize placement to reduce product damage
Determine optimal capacity of pick locations to reduce replenishment trips
Apply customized filters to target specific SKUs for re-slotting
Balance volumes to decrease bottlenecks
Platforms: Available on Open Systems, .NET and IBM i Series.
Keep similar items separated to reduce mispicks
Group by product families to improve customer service
Consider ergonomic factors in slotting plans to reduce workforce injuries
Sequence by weight or crushability to improve outbound pallet integrity
Recommend incremental placement revisions based on seasonal profiles or trends
Automate the slotting process to minimize manual tasks
Hosting: Available as SaaS, single-tenant and on-premise.