Store Fulfilment
Leverage your stores to maximize ecommerce sales.

The advantages of handling fulfillment from your stores are many. Stores can be used to increase speed to the customer and ship-from-store can be a relief valve to siphon orders that the fulfillment center cannot handle during peak selling events. Used strategically, store fulfillment enables creative digital selling strategies to drive store sales and inventory turns.

By providing real-time access to fulfillment information, activities and processes across the entire store network, Store Fulfillment complements the Order Management system, enabling efficient fulfillment and delivering customer satisfaction.

Features + Functions
Efficiently manage a pick queue using an innovative approach that provides the right context for each order in real-time through a sophisticated rules engine
Rate, ship and track parcel packages with absolutely no rate and carrier label maintenance using out-of-the-box integration with leading parcel carriers
Manage customer pickups with signature capture for proof of delivery
Split an order across multiple associates for efficient picking
Start the fulfillment transaction on mobile and complete on the web browser or vice versa
Enable efficient processing of site-to-store orders with integrated receiving and fulfillment
Automatically receive proof of delivery from parcel carriers
Monitor all omni-channel activities from a centralized fulfillment dashboard.
Provide support for Windows, iOS and Android platforms