Manhattan Associates Transportation Management System and Logistics Software
Solve complex transportation challenges across any mode.

Whether you operate your own private fleet or procure outside carrier services, our Transportation Management software offers the scope of solutions you need to run a comprehensive, integrated system—and achieve better results than you ever thought possible. Fully cloud-enabled, the solution set is available in multiple deployment options, including multi-tenant, private hosted, on-premise or hybrid options.

Transportation Planning and Execution
Transportation Procurement
Audit, Payment and Claims
Dispatch Management
We can help you
Get a "what-if" analysis with transportation modeling to determine the impact of altering your transportation policies before you execute
Reduce time for RFP preparation and better communication with bidders
Minimize costs by maximizing utilization of all transportation assets
Simplify billing and reduce freight payment errors
Turn more loads in less time with no delays or charge-backs
Achieve full, real-time visibility shipments on the yard, yard inventory, and yard security