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Inventory Optimization Institute Analysis

Inventory Optimization Institute experts are available for a broad range of analysis, issue resolution or custom projects, including:

  • Replenishment Proficiency Assessment: The Proficiency Assessment utilizes a structured, interview approach at your location. A Manhattan Associates Replenishment Professional will spend several days with your users to evaluate level of understanding, adherence to best practices and full utilization of the Replenishment solution. The outcome of the Proficiency Assessment is a full report, assessing users on dozens of metrics and providing recommendations for optimizing the solution.
  • Performance Assessment Review (PAR): If you have a specific inventory optimization issue and are looking for an in-depth root-cause analysis, then you need PAR. Whether safety stock is too high or service levels are too low, our team will dig into the details and recommend a solution. In addition to system configuration changes or business process recommendations, the need for training is typically high on the list of corrective proposals.
  • Customized Consulting: Not sure about your educational needs? Our Professional Services team will be happy to analyze the skill level of your current users and design an education program to help you take your mastery of the Manhattan Associates Replenishment solution to the next level.

To learn more about how we can help support your inventory management operations and optimize your inventory and distribution for maximum efficiency and return, please contact us today.

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