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Driver&Load®: Real-Time Dispatch Optimization, Load and Status Updates

Driver&Load® can help you reduce empty miles, improve customer service, and increase driver satisfaction. Using our proprietary Multiple Attribute Ranking System configured to match your business goals and consider your complete network, Driver&Load recommends driver-to-load pairs that result in the most profitable system-wide course of action. Instead of simply helping you react to problems as they arise, our software builds a far-reaching plan that avoids potential future problems by:

Globally optimizing pairings. Driver&Load considers all potential driver-to-load assignments to arrive at optimal pairings. By looking at the entire network, our solution goes beyond region-based decision making to consider the needs of the entire organization.

Continuously updating pairings to maintain best assignments. It optimizes driver-to-load pairings based on real-time driver-load position and incoming requests for capacity.

Handling complex operational strategies. With its ability to consider enormous amounts of data, Driver&Load  can:

  • Manage multiple regional driver fleets and multiple business units (divisions)
  • Optimize operations using intermodal capabilities – the only tool of its kind to offer this feature
  • Identify opportunities to reduce empty miles by crossing regional borders
  • Maximize the number of daily loaded miles by matching a driver’s estimated time of arrival and a load’s pickup appointment to reduce waiting time
  • Pinpoint opportunities to assign a driver multiple loads per day
  • Match drivers to loads to route them toward home as their expected return-home dates approach
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