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Drop&Swap®: Driver and Equipment Failure Management for Carriers

Drop&Swap® by Manhattan Associates is one of several best-in-class motor carrier management products offered in our Manhattan Carrier Management solution suite. Drop&Swap’s unique in-transit, real-time performance monitoring projection capabilities allow trucking and transportation providers to proactively review and evaluate every load and driver—both dispatched and available—within their operating network. This enables you to identify and address potential network issues, such as load pickup or delivery service performance, pending driver needs and network imbalances before they become unsalvageable.

Drop&Swap finds, evaluates and executes face-to-face assignment swaps, communicates the swap solutions to affected drivers using carrier host communications systems, and coordinates the face-to-face meetings to swap load assignments. 

Realizing that swap opportunities and swap requirements vary for each carrier based on individual business practices, we designed Drop&Swap to adapt to unique carrier requirements and your business-specific needs. Some additional Drop&Swap capabilities include:

  • Identifying addition capacity to manage the challenge of  last-minute customer demands
  • Creating velocity in a network by finding drivers who can deliver sooner
  • Increasing driver utilization by swapping drivers off unproductive loads
  • Repositioning regional or dedicated drivers back into their home environments
  • Swapping Canada-restricted drivers restricted from loads going to Canada

Drop&Swap’s in-transit performance monitoring projection capability can now also be integrated with Manhattan’s Carrier Management Driver&Load® solution to identify en-route drivers passing through or near markets whose excess capacity on current assignments can be used for initial load assignments in high-demand markets.

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