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Load Analyzer: Truckload Freight Capacity Optimization

Manhattan Associates' Load Analyzer allows motor carriers to respond to freight requests with full knowledge and visibility of current and future capacity. Using proven, best-in-class technology, our freight capacity optimization tool:

  • Forecasts anticipated demand. Forecasts demand for transportation resources for each lane and each day of the week, analyzing historical load patterns and current booked-load information.
  • Optimizes lane flows in real time. Determines the optimal number of loads that should be accepted or solicited on each lane and positions drivers to ensure loads are covered, and satisfies customer commitments while enhancing network balance.
  • Improves visibility of your entire network. Provides a common operating plan for all of your customer service representatives and load planners. Gives visibility of the downstream effect of booking freight.
  • Integrates easily with host systems.Your customer service representatives can monitor network resources in real time to make informed load solicitation and acceptance decisions.

Positioning your fleet to balance your network and reduce deadhead miles means that you operate more efficiently and with better utilization of your assets.

Improved network balance translates into higher profitability as you control costs and identify new business opportunities. Your profits can increase when you accept business based on load analysis that identifies the most valuable freight for your network and available capacity.

Load Analyzer is just one of several best-in-class products included in the Manhattan Carrier™  software solution suite.

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