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"Managing your Warehouse is a lot like Playing Chess..."

Anchored by our proven and industry-leading warehouse management system (WMS) and built on our unique Supply Chain Process Platform, Manhattan Associates' Distribution Management system is a comprehensive set of logistics management software solutions that automate and optimize every touch point in your distribution operations and supply chain network—from inventory and slotting to labor and billing.

So many times, the technology product almost gets dropped off at your doorstep and it’s up to you to figure it out. That’s not the case with Manhattan.
Kevin O’Meara, Dir. SC Ops, Whirlpool

With real-time business intelligence capabilities and the power to quickly and flexibly adapt to changes in your distribution and supply chain parameters, our vendor- and equipment-agnostic Distribution Management solutions enable rapid, lower cost and lower risk implementations, and simple integration with existing operational frameworks. Configuration changes are intuitive as well. With an easy-to-use system interface and customizable workflow templates, users can tweak configurations and apply updates using robust, rules-based logic.

Engineered to solve even the most complex logistics management challenges, our Distribution Management system offers a broad array of platform-based options that integrate to holistically analyze and address every aspect of your supply chain network:

  • Warehouse Management—Fine-tune your facility with a more efficient layout, well-utilized resources, streamlined inventory and flawless order fulfillment.
  • Slotting Optimization—Match slots to demand, weight and other product characteristics for faster, more accurate picking resulting and improved productivity.
  • Labor Management—Standardize and track workforce performance throughout your operation. Reward quality and safety, boost productivity and forecast with better precision.
  • Billing Management—Assign and manage charges for virtually any warehouse event, track activities by unit or client, and gain a full understanding of your costs and profits.
  • Supplier Enablement—Extend powerful supply chain capabilities to your suppliers, and automate communications and record-keeping—all online.
  • Hub Management—Give hubs and 3PL providers instant visibility of orders, shipments and inventory. Streamline transport and inventory by managing partner-to-partner shipping.
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