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Hub Management: Supply Chain Distribution Hub Management Software

Part of Manhattan Associates’ industry-leading Distribution Management solution suite, Hub Management software provides web-based technology that easily and inexpensively enables warehouse-like execution in all nodes of your supply chain, no matter how small the facility.  Whether the facility is a distribution hub, cross dock, pool point, transload facility or consolidation/de-consolidation point, Hub Management provides core supply chain execution and visibility across the supply chain.  Hub Management enables scan-based receiving, ASNs and shipping labels, cross-docking and load-building services. Hubs can even consolidate shipments directly to stores and end customers, bypassing warehouses altogether. Additional benefits include:

  • Direct-to-store and direct-to-customer shipments that reduce transportation, labor and storage costs while shortening order fulfillment times
  • Maximized cross-dock and flow-through opportunities
  • Standardized shipping labels and documentation through the entire supply chain for more accurate scan-based receiving at all locations
  • Dramatically increased visibility, which reduces inventory levels and order cycle time

No matter how well your suppliers and warehouse management operations are optimized, supply chain roadblocks can occur due to poor hub management and smaller third-party logistics providers (3PLs) that lack adequate automation. Hub Management gives critical but “under-equipped” nodes in your supply chain the means to provide visibility into the inventory flowing through their facilities.

When combined with Supplier Enablement, Hub Management provides even greater global visibility into shipping with full traceability and accountability.

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