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Warehouse Management: Industry-Leading WMS Software

Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) software has been an industry leader for years because it provides best-in-class logistics technology that delivers truly measurable ROI and productivity gains in inventory, labor, physical space, time and costs. Going far beyond basic picking, packing and shipping, our WMS software uses advanced algorithms to mathematically organize and optimize warehouse operations and transform your warehouse logistics into a critical strategic component in your supply chain.

The Manhattan Associates tools give us the ability to see the velocity, see what we’ve put in the right place and see what we should move, either to a more productive or less productive area…
John Salt, Sr. VP of Supply Chain, Canadian Tire

Warehouse Management monitors vendor compliance, efficiently manages multi-channel distribution, and responds quickly to shifting demand to optimize performance. It also enhances inventory management by increasing accuracy, improving order fulfillment and reducing order cycle time. Receiving and shipping are streamlined as well to facilitate cross-docking and expedite back-ordered products. And cycle counting capabilities eliminate annual physical counts.

Additional Manhattan warehouse software benefits include the ability to:

  • Automate picking, packing and shipping and minimize the number of moves per order
  • Improve the accuracy of every order and reduce safety stock
  • Consolidate orders to reduce transportation and shipping costs
  • Eliminate annual physical counts
  • Reduce expenses on labor and storage by managing tasks and improving processes
  • Plan and balance workload and monitor activities with Labor Management integration
  • Improve warehouse layout for faster fulfillment and overhead reduction
  • Minimize the need for warehouse space with cross-docking and flow-through capabilities
  • Provide voice-enabled capabilities from pick/pack to forklift operations
  • Facilitate efficient receiving and disposition of returns
  • Integrate material handling equipment (diverts, inductions, pick/pack, complex sortation)
  • Support numerous parcel and LTL carriers, including native rating, routing, label and paper manifest generation, and end-of-day electronic invoicing
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